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Established Attorney Represents Mothers in Pennsylvania Custody Disputes

Helping mothers stay in their children’s lives

Child custody is one of the most difficult issues a mother faces . Law Office of Anne M. Shepard, LLC is dedicated to protecting your rights to raise your child in a healthy, thriving environment. I represent mothers in Pennsylvania in all aspects of child custody, including:

  • Primary and joint custody arrangements
  • Grandparent custody
  • Modification of custody orders
  • Enforcement of orders
  • Decisions related to religion, education and upbringing of the child

You need an experienced litigator to help you resolve these issues.

Making sure that parents receive fair treatment in custody

Children are best served when they maintain contact with both parents.  At Law Office of Anne M. Shepard, LLC, I am committed to making sure that custody decisions take the interests of my client into account. I work to help you achieve an optimal solution to your custody case.

Skilled litigation in family court

In some cases, litigation is necessary to protect your interests. When one parent refuses to compromise or expresses hostility toward the other parent, negotiations fail. Sometimes a parent may even pose a danger to the child’s well-being. In these cases, litigation is the most appropriate forum for establishing a parent’s rights. My approach to litigation enables you to feel confident that your children are protected and your parental rights are secure.

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