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Waynesboro, Pennsylvania Adoption Lawyer

Focused on building families

Adopting a child brings happiness to families. Anne M. Shepard handles the complex legal procedures and red tape of the adoption process so you can focus on your new family member.

Attorney Anne M. Shepard has over 26 years of experience successfully handling such issues as:

  • Termination of parental rights
  • Private third party adoptions
  • re-adoptions
  • Step-parent adoptions

Termination of parental rights

Sometimes a birth parent is willing to consent to the child being adopted. Sometimes it’s necessary to petition the Court to involuntarily terminate the birth parent’s parental rights before the adoption can occur. I’ll discuss your options with you and together we’ll determine the best direction to take for you and the children.

Before the adoption

I have experience in both confirming the consents of the birth parents to their child’s adoption and in seeking the involuntary termination of the birth parents’ parental rights so that others can adopt the child. I have been successful in both methods, thus leading to the child’s adoption into her ‘forever home’ where the child can be raised in a happy, stable environment.

Kinds of adoption

An open adoption agreement permits the biological family to maintain a relationship with the child. The terms of the agreement are established by written contract and can include any level of involvement ranging from regular visits to yearly snapshots exchanged by mail. A closed adoption protects the identity of the biological parents and the child, but may include disclosure of essential information such as the child’s heritage and medical history. The Law Office of Anne M. Shepard, LLC follows the method that you as adoptive parents want to follow.

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